Wellesley – Elm Bank Course



Elm Bank, 900 Washington Street, Wellesley, MA 02482
Race starts and finishes in the lower field.  Spectators and teams are asked to park in the upper parking lots and walk down to the course start/finish area. NO parking is allowed on lower road or fields per Mass Horticulture/Elm Bank regulations.

The 1st loop (red) of the course runs around the lower field and up the hill and around the big tree and returns back down to the lower field.
The 2nd loop (yellow) repeats the first loop, but after cresting the hill a second time the course proceeds straight through the gap in the fence and takes a sharp left and follows the fence line. The 1-mile mark is approximately 50 meters after turn. There will be a 1-mile marker sign and managers will be calling splits.
The course follows the fence line until the end of soccer fields and bears right at oak trees and heads south. Course crosses the upper road and follows the dirt path into woods. The course bank left off the main trail onto a smaller trail approximately 200 meters inside woods. Cones and flagging will be provided to ensure runners take the appropriate turn. The course follows the path through the woods paralleling the Charles River. The 2-mile mark is deep in woods and will be marked with signage and a manager will be calling splits.

The trail ends on Reservation Road. The course takes a right on the road and crosses over bridge and re-enters the lower grass field passing the starting line. The course completes a 3rd loop (blue) similar to the first and finishes near the starting line. The course will be well coned/flagged. Adults will stop traffic at both points where the course crosses the road. Please note and remind spectators that the speed limit within Elm Bank is 10 MPH. This will be strictly enforced. Elm Bank is busy in the late afternoon with both children and adults.