Natick – Elm Bank Course


5K (Wheeled)

Start/Finish is near old start on the opposite side of the field from the middle parking lot. Start toward woods and immediately cross road (with crossing guard). 1 1/2 loops of old course woods loop, in reverse (There is about 100 meters on the road at this part of the course. RUNNERS STAY TO THE LEFT). One mile marker is on second loop. At fallen tree, continue along Waban Brook and Charles River until exiting woods just past the two mile marker. Cross small bridge (with crossing guard) and then follow alongside road until just prior to the two-way bridge at the entrance to Elm Bank. Turn around a large tree, run diagonal across the lower field toward the Horticulture Center, and then proceed up the small, steep hill (there is a bit of a dirt path) toward soccer fields. Turn right at large cone on top of hill. Just after 2.5 miles, enter soccer fields at small entry (first left turn after start of old course) and run out and back toward parking lot and back to to far corner where entered the soccer fields. Right turn run length of soccer fields, right turn around large trees and then next to parking lot. Last 100 meters is a slight left turn at the corner of the parking lot toward the outer road. Course will be well marked with cones and signs. SMALL CONES WILL MARK THE PATH. LARGE CONES DENOTE A TURN.

At the finish: Runners will proceed through the finishing chute and remain in finishing order. Bib numbers will be recorded by parent volunteers. There will be no popsicle sticks. Runners must be wearing their number to be counted.

JV Course has same start and finish as varsity course, but will not run the old course loop in the woods = 2.5 miles.