Mid December Info

Reminder that the entire season schedule is on the Winter Season page of the website.

Our first JV meet is next Wednesday at Milton High School.  Our first varsity meet is at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston tomorrow.  The meet starts at 4:30 and will finish by 7:20.  We take one bus of boys and one bus of girls to the Reggie for conference meets.  All ten schools in the Bay State Conference will be at the meet and competing at the same time.  We will be scoring against Brookline for the meet.

Each event is limited between 3 and 5 competitors, so not everyone is able to compete at the Reggie Lewis meets.  However, there is a JV 55 dash and a JV 55 hurdles, so we can take a few extra athletes for those events in order to fill the one bus.

Here is the order of events (all oval running events are girls first):

JV Mile starts @ 4:15

4:30  Mile, 1000, 600, 300, 2 mile 4×200 relay 4×400 relay

55 dash & 55 hurdles starts after the high jump finishes on the infield

High Jump starts at 4:30

Long Jump starts after the girls finish

Shot put starts at 4:30

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